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Accept the Wi2Play Challenge!

Wi2Play® is a platform that turns your smartphone into a joystick so you play against everyone, without the need of any software installation. Either you own a coffee shop, hotel or store, you can deploy a Wi2Play® Game or application so your customers can interact with it using their smartphones.

This can add value to your business by:

  • Attracting more clients
  • Turning waiting times into fun
  • Creating loyalty programs
  • Providing fun for kids and parents
  • Giving prizes with facebook integration

What will you need?

In order to use Wi2Play in your establishment, you will need a display, one computer and internet connection. If you have these requirements, plug your internet connected computer to the TV and you're set to attract more clients with this new and innovative technology.


Contact us to know how to deploy Wi2Play® right now and start to engage your customers into this new interactive multimedia experience. We have different monthly and anual plans that will fit your needs. For more information use our sales@wi2play.com email account.

Frequently Asked Questions

[+] How do I deploy Wi2Play?
[+] Do I have to buy any specific hardware?
[+] What are the system requirements?
[+] Do I need a fast internet connection?
[+] I already have a TV Box, can I use both services at the same time?
[+] Do my clients need to install any application on their smartphones?
[+] Can I have a customized game, for instance, with my logo?
[+] How can I give prizes to my customers using Wi2Play?
[+] How do I integrate a game with my Facebook page?
[+] How much will it cost me to have Wi2Play in my establishment?