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Accept the Wi2Play Challenge!

Wi2Play® is a new way of interactive marketing focused on Gamification in public places. As an advertising agency we know you must provide innovative and creative experiences to your clients. With Wi2Play® you can create amazing advertising campaigns that can be used in places like a shopping mall, airports, digital outdoors or to make a difference in a fair.

Our team can help you create the perfect solution for your needs. We have worked with several advertising agencies and we are focused on creating the best content to your client.

For more information use our sales@wi2play.com email account.

Frequently Asked Questions

[+] How is Wi2Play a form of Gamification?
[+] Can I create new games for my Clients?
[+] Do users need to install any application on their smartphones?
[+] Do I have to buy any specific hardware?
[+] What are the system requirements?
[+] Do I need a fast internet connection?
[+] How can I give prizes using Wi2Play?
[+] How do I deploy Wi2Play?
[+] How do I integrate a game with a Facebook page?
[+] How much will it cost me to make a campaign with Wi2Play?