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What is Wi2Play?

The Wi2Play App

Wi2Play Android and iOS App
  • Turns mobile devices into controllers and joysticks.
  • Allows real-time interaction with other applications and displays.
  • Dismisses the need to install other software.
  • Offers several standard controllers that incorporate the mobile device's sensors.

How Wi2Play works

Wi2Play Architecture
  • Real time multi-user connection maintained by the server.
  • Bidirectional communication allows the applications to interact with users.
  • The supplied APIs handle all of the communication processes.

Why use Wi2Play

Wi2Play Usage Examples
  • Interactive marketing with new interactive experiences in large screens, shops, sports stadiums or events.
  • Internet of Things / Home Automation, as a connection to the physical world. Control lights, alarms, maintain buildings or machines.
  • Digital games. A new way to play, with each user using their smartphone as the controller, without the need of wires or gaming hardware.

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